Anguilla Luxury Villa with Chef

Caribbean villa rentals with chef are rarer than you’d expect. On the island of Anguilla, I only know 7 that have a chef on retainer. Few owners make a commitment to have a chef on the payroll. The advantage of a villa rental that employs a chef is that you save lots of money.

Why would you want a chef?

It is wonderful after a long day of travel to arrive and not have to shop and get in a car to go to a restaurant. Bird of Paradise chef will do all your pre-arrival shopping for the kitchen and bar. Your concierge will provide you with an extensive wine list, and Chef Kylon will have it waiting for you. He will greet you with rum punch, our signature champagne cocktail, as well as appetizers. I’d suggest a welcome Caribbean barbecue with chicken, ribs, lobster, crayfish and Chef Kylon’s famous johnny cakes. We also thoroughly enjoy having a sumptuous brunch our first morning and dinner at home as we pack the night before departure. Those would be my suggestions if you were going to have only three chef services, but the majority of our guests request a chef for at least one meal daily. You may choose breakfast overlooking the beach, lunch by the pool, tapas cocktail party by the outdoor fireplace, or a dinner under the stars. Hint: it’s not unusual after a long beach day to have the chef and nanny or babysitter stay in-house for dinner and parents venture out to a restaurant . 

Let us tell you about the Bird of Paradise Chef

Chef Kylon has been with the Bird of Paradise for more than a year and his butler/server, Tristan, are beloved by our guests. As you may have read in our guests’ comments, they are personable and great fun. Repeatedly, we receive rave reviews about the quality of Kylon’s menus and the presentation. Kylon comes to us from Viceroy resorts and has extensive experience on the resort level as well as a private chef at the Bird of Paradise. Take a look at sample menus.


How does a chef save me money?

Anguilla is only 16 miles x 3 miles with little or no farming. All food needs to be flown in from Miami or comes in by container ship, so food prices are higher on the island than you may find at home. Restaurants are in the business to make money, so with the markup the finer restaurants will have $15 starters and $40-$50 main courses. (Check out our list of best restaurants in Anguilla.) 

If you’re at a resort a rum punch is $14 and coke could be $5. When you have a chef at Bird of Paradise, you are only paying for food and beverage based on the actual grocery receipts, so having a chef can actually save you money, especially when traveling with children. 

What does a Caribbean villa with chef cost?

At the Bird of Paradise we have a chef who works exclusively for us, and, he’s paid by the month, which gives you the best possible price for whichever villa chef services you choose. Also, all our chef services for lunches and dinners include a butler/server for four hours per meal. Breakfasts are usually buffet style.

If you’re not at the Bird of Paradise, it’s possible to hire a chef for a villa rental, but you’ll pay by the meal ($400 per dinner) or by the week ($4,000+),and you will be charged $12/hour for butler/cleanup service and, perhaps, and a 15% markup on food costs for purveying the food. What a chef charges also depends on the number of guests.

What does food cost?

It’s a tough question to answer, because it all depends on your menu choices, ages of children, etc. As mentioned above, Anguilla is a small island and all food is flown in or comes in by container ship from Miami, therefore, it’s more expensive than you’d find at home. Food and beverage costs (including alcohol) for guests over the past year ranged from $325 to $650 per week with a max of 8 guests for a daily chef-prepared meal. Of course, it also, depends on what you like you eat. If you are going to have lobster or crayfish, you would pay $50 in a restaurant and probably $20 per person in your own villa. 

Hint: If you’re looking at other Anguilla luxury villa rentals with chef, watch out for the fine print where they add 15-20% service charge on to food costs or a flat fee for shopping. We do not do this at the Bird of Paradise villa.

We do have packages with chef, server, food and beverage included.  Our half-board rate is a chef for a daily breakfast and one other meal. Our all-inclusive rate includes three meals daily. 

Hint: As an owner, I have to assume guests will drink and eat well, and eat every meal at the villa, so the inclusive packages may be more than you’d spend if you were paying based on actual grocery receipts.