How to Get from St. Maarten to Anguilla

Map showing the details of how to get from St. Maarten to Anguilla

Note: One side of St. Maarten is Dutch and the other side is French St. Martin. Julianna airport (SXM) is on the Dutch side.

What’s the best way of getting to Anguilla from St. Maarten? This is really personal preference. I would bet the majority of visitors to Anguilla use one of the boat charters, which depart from St. Maarten airport. The dock is across the street from the airport. There are scheduled charters by various companies, which are about $70 per person one way with transfers from the terminal to the boat. Sometimes you have to wait for a delayed flight and other passengers.

If your group is large, you may wish to charter the water taxi. Last price I had was $400 for the first four guests and $40 for each additional guest.

Another option is to take Anguilla Air Charters from St. Maarten in which case you avoid Dutch immigration and transfer directly to Anguilla. The cost is $80 per person one way. The aircraft can accommodate 9 passengers. Schedule varies depending on the season.

Jon and I tend to hop in a taxi ($20) to Marigot (15 minute drive) in French St. Martin and hop on the ferry ($20 per person), which departs every 45 minutes. This is what the “locals” do. 

HINT:  When it’s time to return to St. Maarten for our flight back to the USA, we always depart the villa around 10am, take the ferry to Marigot and do a little shopping on the French side and have a decadent, but inexpensive, lunch at Tropicana restaurant at Mariana Royale. The restaurant is in walking distance (10 minutes) from the dock. They watch our luggage while we shop and call a taxi when it’s time to head to the airport. A long and lovely French lunch is a great way to end a trip and avoid airplane food.