Is Anguilla Safe?

We are often asked, “how safe is Anguilla?” We’ve been visiting Anguilla since 1981 and have never had an incident. We follow the same guidelines as we do wherever we travel in the world and lock our car, keep valuables in the villa safe, etc. Unlike some Caribbean islands, Anguillians overwhelmingly welcome, like, and appreciate visitors and vacationers and are known for being helpful and friendly. The island is only 16 miles x 3 miles and has a small population. Villa security and privacy.

A  list of the safest and most dangerous Caribbean islands was compiled using the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime statistics and Anguilla was right at the top as the safest. The most dangerous was Jamaica followed by St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahamas and Puerto Rico. 

Anguilla is one of the wealthier islands in the Caribbean. It’s rare to find a vendor trying to selling you anything on the beach. There is no harassment of celebrities and paparazzi are discouraged.

NOTE: This is a good time to point out how secure the Bird of Paradise is. You enter the estate through remote-controlled gates. At the end of the driveway are stone walls that encircle the villa. You enter the interior compound through a pair of heavy wooden gates. The path to the beach is also through gates. For more information on privacy and security.